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This Genius ‘Lego Tape’ Is Every Building Block Lover’s Dream

Nimuno Loops is Lego-compatible adhesive tape that bends, curves and can be cut to any size. It makes any surface ? the wall, refrigerator, even shoes ? totally Lego friendly. It’s perfect for building off the side of walls, wallpapering a bathroom, creating the coolest playroom ever or turning lame non-Lego toys into Lego toys. At $11 for two 6.5-foot rolls, the dream is possible and relatively affordable. Nimuno Loops’ Cape Town-based creators Anine Kirsten and Max Basler have raised almost $500,000 in funding on Indiegogo, about 5,812 percent of their original $8,000 goal. The duo “strive to make the world a better place by making things that are functional and beautiful,” as explained on the site. The product’s 13,102 backers apparently strive to make the world a better place, too, by putting more Legos on it. (client)

Source: The Huffington Post 3/15/17

Kids Leaving Home? Try This ‘Child Replacement Program,’ Says Fun Pedigree Campaign

The pet brand Pedigree has come out with a fun and quirky new campaign introducing the “Child Replacement Program,” which encourages parents to adopt a dog to replace their kids when they move out. Each new creative video starts with an emotional moment that every parent can relate to, such as building a tree house with a son, having a child come into bed when it thunders and even the child who is always trying to meet their parents high expectations. The video transitions to highlight how these moments could still be enjoyed with a dog.

Source: Adweek 3/22/17

Honey Nut Cheerios 'Disappears' BuzzBee To Help Save Bees

This spring Honey Nut Cheerios is replacing its beloved BuzzBee image from its boxes with just an outline of the mascot’s image. The change is part of #BringBackTheBees, a campaign to encourage consumers to plant more than 100 million wildflowers this year to provide friendly habitats for pollinators, which are critical to the world’s food supply. Through a partnership with Vesey’s seeds, consumers who register on a Bring Back the Bees area of the Cheerios site will receive free wildflower seeds to plant.

Source: MediaPost 3/10/17

State Farm Wants You to be a Good Neighbor Too

State Farm wants its customers and potential customers to volunteer in their communities by debuting its “Neighborhood of Good” platform, which will connect consumers to charitable opportunities in their towns.To help market the campaign, State Farm debuted a two-minute film, “The Following,” which will air on broadcast TV in 30- and 60-second versions.

Source: AdAge 3/13/17

This Beer Hotel Will Have an IPA-Filled Hot Tub And a Mini-Bar in The Shower

Scottish beer company BrewDog launched an Indiegogo campaign for what they’re calling the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel.” The plan is to launch a 50-room hotel attached to BrewDog’s upcoming brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Amenities include, but are not limited to, a tap in every room featuring the brand’s flagship brew, a beer-stocked mini-bar in every shower, access to limited-edition brews from the brewery next door and a spa that uses beer in its products and treatments, such as hop oils and a malted barley massage. The campaign goal is $75,000 and consumers can donate as little as $25 for a VIP tour and tasting at the brewery for two. Consumers that dish out $150 will be offered a one night stay and breakfast (typically worth $250) when the hotel opens. It could be said that this hotel and brewery plan is set to be the hoppiest place on Earth.

Source: Travel and Leisure 3/2/17

Microsoft Urges Girls to Stay in STEM, And Change The World, in Third Year of #MakeWhatsNext

Microsoft launched the #MakeWhatsNext campaign, dubbed “Change the Odds,” in celebration of International Women’s Day. The 90-second video, “Change the world. Stay in STEM.” asked young women to make a mark in traditionally male fields. For the new campaign, the brand kicks off, a resource for girls interested in STEM that includes an experiential tool with LinkedIn that will show youngsters how to pursue their goals across industries and social causes.

Source: Adweek 3/8/17

Canadian Bar Serves St. Patrick's Day Drinks on Coasters Made From Wrecked Cars

This St. Patrick’s Day, patrons at the Emmet Ray whiskey bar in Toronto found their drinks getting served up on metal coasters that were molded out of what was left of wrecked cars. The coasters were put to use by the advocacy group Arrive Alive in an effort to make alcohol drinkers think twice about getting behind the wheel of their cars after tossing back brews on St. Patrick's Day. “This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home," was the message written on the coasters.

Source: The Drive 3/18/17

Budweiser Intros MLB Team Cans Designed By Local Artists

Budweiser has released limited-edition MLB cans just in time for opening day of baseball season. Designed by local artists and baseball enthusiasts, the cans reflect the spirit of each local team and hometown. Each can features original artwork, including images of fan favorite landmarks in local cities. The cans will be available in stores for a limited time beginning Mar. 27.

Source: MediaPost 3/23/17

Tempur-Pedic Links Good Sleep To Inspiring Life

In a new campaign, Tempur-Pedic lets people tell their stories about the effects of a good night’s sleep, with the tagline “Sleep Is Power.” The campaign shows former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf who recently set a record for farthest distance traveled in a wingsuit and another spot features Paralympian Michelle Salt to showcase the better sleep-enhanced capabilities.

Source: MediaPost 3/5/17

Brawny Is Replacing The Brawny Man With Women For Women’s History Month & It's Badass

Brawny Paper Towels affirms that #StrengthHasNoGender with its latest campaign in honor of Women’s History Month. For the month of March, the paper towel company replaced the infamous Brawny Man with a Brawny Woman! To further drive home its message of equality, features a series of clips starring women who have succeeded in careers typically associated with men.

Source: Romper 3/1/17

Heinz Taps Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for Campaign (Yes, Really)

Heinz has done something that will make “Mad Men” fans everywhere very happy. The brand brought to life the 'Pass the Heinz' campaign Don Draper pitched on “Mad Men.” The campaign features billboards and ads in publications which are almost an exact replica of the ads Mr. Draper (Jon Hamm) pitched to the client in an episode of the show. The ads are simplistic, looking with the tagline “Pass the Heinz” – Jon Hamm would be proud!

Source: Adweek 3/13/17

Old Navy Launches ‘Hi, Fashion’ Campaign as It Moves Away From Celebrity Ads

Old Navy launched its “Hi, Fashion” brand campaign featuring colorful, lighthearted, poppy vignettes in place of celebrity endorsements. The brand aired a 30-second spot containing a montage of scenarios that embody what “Hi, Fashion” means. The concept behind the campaign is that the brand wants to make fun of its own fashion statements. The campaign extended into social using the hashtag #SayHi.

Source: Adweek 3/8/17

Hey Bracelet, High-tech bracelet for Long Distance Relationship

The hardest part of a long distance relationship is not being able to see or feel your partner for long periods of time. Dutch tech company, House of Haptics, is on the forefront to lessen the pain of a long distance relationship with Hey Bracelet. Hey Bracelet pairs up with smartphones and utilizes Bluetooth to offer partners a “touch” from thousands of miles away. While being apart from loved ones can be difficult, Hey Bracelet provides couples with a way to let their significant other know they are thinking of them.

Source: Must Tech News 3/9/17

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