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Replace Negativity With Puppies on Your Feed With Brita’s New Campaign

Brita has teamed up with the non-profit Cybersmile Foundation for a new campaign that aims to welcome positivity and lessen negativity on social media. Titled “Filtered Life,” the company has created a “Filter Your Feed” tool that looks for negative or hurtful words on Twitter feeds and allows consumers to replace them with positive ones. Additionally, Cybersmile plans to donate $1 (up to $20,000) for every negative tweet deleted or positive post created using the hashtag #FilterYourFeed.

Source: The Daily Meal 4/7/17

Target Lingerie Gets More Diverse With Four New, Nude Shades

In a move to counteract brands that offer only one universal "nude" shade of lingerie, Target announced plans to add four new color choices, making it easier than ever for women across all skin tones to shop bras, underwear and hosiery. The new shades include cocoa, caramel, honey beige and mochaccino and Target says to expect more inclusive tones in the near future.

Source: Glamour 3/24/17

Honest Company Crosses the Final Frontier of Baseball Apparel With Team-Logo Diapers

The MLB has partnered with The Honest Company to introduce the “Born a Fan” collection. The line of designer diapers features team logos for six clubs, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Giants, Cardinals and Dodgers, on the brand’s absorbent, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly product. The collection debuted exclusively in Target on Mar. 27 and will arrive in select other retailers after May 1.

Source: Adweek 3/27/17

Lyft Just Gave Users An Easy Way To Help a Charity During Their Next Ride

Lyft started a new program to allow users to round their fares up to the nearest dollar, sending the extra money they pay towards a charity. They haven’t announced which organizations are part of the program yet, but they will range from climate change to the pursuit of equality. Riders can also nominate charities to add to the list. The option is currently being tested out and will continue to expand until it is available nationwide over the next month.

Source: Bustle 3/28/17

Mexico Just Made a Cloud That Rains Tequila, So Maybe We’ll Be OK After All

For Mexico’s newest tourism campaign, ad agency Lapiz made it rain Tequila in Berlin, Germany. During Berlin’s most rainy month of the year, the Mexico Tourism Board created a Tequila rainstorm exhibit by using ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist. Additionally, the cloud was programmed to only rain when it rains in Berlin.

Source: Adweek 3/24/17

Sephora Will Be Offering Free Makeup Classes to People Living With Cancer

Sephora created empowering and free beauty classes exclusively for people living with cancer. The “Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer” classes are part of the brand’s Classes for Confidence program. Participants are invited to take part in a 90-minute class that offers personalized skin care tips, how-tos and beauty solutions to issues that may stem from their battle with cancer. “Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer” is available in 50 locations.

Source: PopSugar 3/24/17

Upright Go Wearable Buzzes You in The Back When You Slouch

Sitting up straight to lengthen the spine is key to avoiding any long term health issues. However, this task typically falls to the wayside due to busy schedules. Thanks to Upright Technologies, consumers don’t need to think about keeping that perfect posture anymore. Introducing Upright Go, a wearable product that custom trains the upper back and shoulder muscles to build muscle memory, strength and awareness through a slight vibration when poor posture is sensed. The Kickstarter campaign runs until May 7, with projected delivery to backers in summer 2017.

Source: Venture Beat 3/28/17

Burger King’s Sneaky New TV Ad Tricks Your Google Home Into Talking About the Whopper

Burger King created a 15-second national ad in which a Burger King server talks about their most famous sandwich, the Whopper, but the seemingly normal ad spot had a twist. At the end of the spot, the server asks, “Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?” ingeniously prompting Google home devices nationwide to do a search for the sandwich’s ingredients. While unique and successful, the campaign was short lived as Google disabled the device from responding to the ad. Attempting to blend ads with digital content is something that Burger King has been experimenting with more, and may lead to more advertisements such as this in the future.

Source: AdWeek 4/12/17

Chrissy Teigen Looks Like a Makeup Chef in This Hilarious Video of Her Whipping Up Her Becca Palette

Chrissy Teigen partnered with cosmetics brand Becca to launch a face palette. While the product officially launches in May, the brand created a video featuring Teigen “making” the beauty palette staying true to her passion for cooking. Chrissy gets all the glowy ingredients necessary for the making of Beach Nectar, including approximately 65 million grams of…something. The spot was launched on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Source: Hellogiggles 4/19/17

Real Estate Site Breaks Biggest Campaign Since Zillow Acquisition

Trulia is debuting its first campaign since being acquired by Zillow in 2015. The campaign, called “The House Is Only Half of It” aims to place Trulia as a source for all the information about a neighborhood that potential homebuyers need. Unlike Zillow, which focuses mostly on the houses, Trulia instead focuses on the neighborhood of blocks and the community more than on individual houses. The campaign will include two 30-second spots, which began running in mid-April.

Source: AdAge 4/17/17

A Fashion Show on The Empire State Building

In honor of Harper’s Bazaar’s 150th anniversary, the magazine projected 150 cover images – including shots of Audrey Hepburn, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow – onto the north façade of the Empire State Building. These images were chosen from across the magazine’s history and feature the work of famous photographers such as Andy Warhol and Richard Avedon.  According to Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey, this “allowed New Yorkers to enjoy the greatest fashion show in the world.”

Source: The New York Times 4/16/17

Havaianas Disney Flip Flops Are Here To Make Your Summer Magical

Flip flop brand Havaianas teamed up with Disney to create the “Disney Millennial shoe line” this summer featuring characters from beloved Disney movies. The limited-edition collection features six different styles with prints from movies like “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Source: Bustle 4/17/17

Trojan Condoms Consent Campaign is Helping College Students Have Important Conversations About Sexual Assault

For the first time since the “Consent. Ask for It.” campaign launched, Trojan Condoms has partnered with Advocates for Youth to bring the campaign to more than 100 college campuses across the U.S. for National Sexual Assault Awareness month. Representatives from the Advocates for Youth will be spread across campuses to hold events that focus on educating college students about how to prevent sexual assault, while handing out stickers and temporary tattoos that include messages like, “It Takes Two to Say Yes” and “Does She Want to Go Home With You, or Does She Just Want to Go Home?” This campaign also challenges students to take an online pledge to be active participants in fighting rape culture on campus and spreading the message that “yes means yes.”

Source: HelloGiggles 4/12/17

Pandora Launches a Major New Ad Campaign as It Finally Gets Into On-Demand Streaming

Pandora launched a new ad campaign heralding, in part, the launch of Pandora Premium, its long-awaited foray into on-demand music streaming. The campaign goes beyond hyping Premium to emphasize the brand’s larger commitment to delivering a more personalized music-streaming experience which Pandora has long seen as its real point of difference. The centerpiece of the new campaign is a series of 18 portraits that pair musicians, mirror-like, with a large letter P made up of the covers of albums that influenced them. The ads feature the line “Sounds Like…” along with the artist’s name, followed by the new tagline, “Sounds Like You.”

Source: Adweek 4/18/17

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