Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and gratitude. Still, sometimes we politely pass the turkey and gravy and forget the true gift is not only the people you share the table with on this day but those you choose to share your life with every day. I wish this day ignites a year of thankfulness for you and your loved ones.

Imagine gratitude giving you happiness 365 days a year, overflowing with a genuine appreciation for family members, friends, and extended work family. It can happen if you make gratitude your attitude.

I’m grateful for my loving family, great friends, creative co-workers, fantastic clients, and all the beautiful things that have happened this year. Watching my children conquer challenges and grow into amazing people has to be at the top of my list.

I’m delighted with the little things, like coffee on a Sunday morning with my wife, calling my mom on the ride home from the office, enjoying beers with cigars on my porch with family, feeding hundreds of backyard birds, and the greeting I get from my dogs when I arrive home. These little things make life peaceful and joyful.

I am thankful for my extended family of co-workers and clients, whom I appreciate more than they know. The creative collaboration and kindness make each day a pleasure as I walk into my office or virtually into a team’s call, making this partnership feel more like a friendship. Having played sports for most of my life, I liken it to a locker room where we share triumphs and disappointments, hard work and success, and pick each other up daily.

I am also thankful for our country and the heroes who fight for our freedom and keep us safe; thank you to the military, police, fire, and EMTs who risk their lives daily for others.

We should never forget that holidays can be difficult for many people. They may be missing someone who is no longer with us, or they may be struggling financially or emotionally. The best way to help them is to spend time with them. Give them love. Whether you stay at home or go out for dinner, being around your loved ones will help put a smile on their face.

Let’s help them to expect the best; despite their challenges, there are always positives you can find in their lives that they can focus on. It could be their health, family, friends, or you simply being there for them in their life.   Ask them for advice on a topic they are passionate about, and let them guide you and watch their mood magically transform. Most importantly, continue this all year long, be on the lookout for anyone who needs a lift, a friendly greeting, and a reminder they are loved.  

Let us all take this time to express our heartfelt thanks to those around us and cherish the moments spent together, as they do not last forever. May your plates be full, but your hearts be fuller, bursting with gratitude on this special day! I hope your favorites are as good as my mother-laws- stuffing, my wife’s cranberry sauce, brother-in-law stuffed mushrooms, my-sister-laws sweet potatoes, my mom’s chocolate pudding pie, and my grandmother’s salad. Wishing you an attitude of gratitude and a very Happy Thanksgiving!