On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. First commemorated in 1970, this momentous event is celebrated around the world and has become a unifying day for more than 193 countries to rally for environmental protection. As communicators we are called upon to advise our clients on issues related to sustainability, ethical production practices and environmental impact. We consistently urge our industry-leading partners to adopt best practices and pursue meaningful programs to improve the environment in which we live and work.

But, as one of the largest independent agencies in North America, occupying thousands of square feet of office space in both New York and New Jersey, it is important to practice what we preach. In our recently expanded headquarters alone, we installed 265 LED light bulbs and replaced 1,200 fluorescent bulbs to eliminate roughly 150,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. As construction at our NJ location nears completion, building management will be pursuing LEED Silver certification and the onsite cafeteria has committed to using only eco-conscious disposable materials.

Our New York City office location is powered entirely by renewable wind energy. The building, owned by Empire State Realty Trust, will secure more than 300 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable energy and eliminate the production of 450 million pounds of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of:

  • Every household in New York State turning off their lights for one month
  • Removing all of the taxis from New York City streets for an entire year

We are thrilled that President Biden and his administration have decided to convene a global climate summit. As those in power move from conversation to action, we will all need to do our part.