Coyne handles creative and PR for the In The Raw brands, including their largest product Stevia In The Raw. The winter holidays are synonymous with baking, but for those who are being calorie continuous this time of year can be worrisome to waist lines. Coyne helped Stevia In The Raw promote the option of cutting half the calories in your holiday baking by educating consumers about the use of this natural sugar substitute.

Top RD, Patricia Bannan was enlisted to create recipes made with Stevia In The Raw to be featured in an eCookbook "Half Your Cake and Eat it Too" showing consumers how this zero calorie sweetener allows them to replace half the sugar in any favorite baking recipes. The downloadable book was promoted through traditional PR efforts as well as social media and influencer engagement.
We created advertising for Stevia In The Raw that ran in national magazines leading up to the holiday season.