Intarcia Therapeutics has developed an innovative new delivery device that may one day change the future of chronic disease management, as it aims to address the 1-2 problem of adherence and outcomes. Challenging the status quo however, no matter how game-changing innovation might be, never comes easily. Intarcia turned to Coyne to manage storytelling with the media and key stakeholders (internally, externally, and for its investigational product ITCA 650).

To build momentum in the T2D community, Coyne PR developed an influencer strategy and engagement effort that established equity with diabetes influencers heading into launch. The team organized a two-day advisory board event entitled “Thinking Differently about T2D,” that included the community’s most influential patients, caregivers, HCPs and advocacy organization leaders.

Working collaboratively, the group broached new frontiers in managing multiple aspects of T2D, from the language used to describe the condition to the best treatments for underserved populations to the emotional toll on family members. Feedback from the participants included descriptors such as “enlightening,” “inspiring” and “enriched,” and requests by attendees to continue to work hand-in-hand with Intarcia to evolve their advocacy network.