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MLB Players Association

When the MLB Players Association originally launched its social media platform, Infield Chatter, it was met with little fanfare – and even less media attention. After two years of re-tooling it, the MLBPA came to Coyne PR to help orchestrate a plan to let the public know about a redesigned platform that was unlike any other in sports.

The unique feature of Infield Chatter wasn’t that it incorporated MLB players into the platform, but that it allowed fans a direct connection to them. Seeing that, Coyne decided to let those involved on the players’ side tell the story. After all, what better way to get fans to download the app and become involved in the Infield Chatter community, then to show them that everyday MLB stars were on interacting? Utilizing the assets of the MLBPA, Coyne put together a national media rollout in conjunction with the official re-launch of the Infield Chatter social media platform.