Coyne PR was asked to create hair-removing excitement with women of a diverse age range, from 13 to 45 for the launch of Nair “No Touch” products – a revolutionary depilatory application system. The team strategically approached the launch plan to connect with the very varied audience. Our approach was two-fold to connect with media service both tweens and teens, as well as millennial and generation X targets.

We harnessed the power of a third-party expert and teamed up with a popular and well-respected Manhattan-based aesthetician.  Jillian Wright, of GLOW, assisted the team to breakthrough to media with experiential meetings, conducting a product demo and delivering key message points and product attributes to beauty editors, connecting with more than 20 target publications over a two-day period.  Each talk track was differentiated to speak to the concerns of the age range.  To compliment the meetings, and reach a wider media universe, the team developed customized creative mailers for each target audience to help tell the story of the first depilatory that did not require getting product on your hands for application.  Celebrities were also seeded with the unique products to help create awareness of these new offerings from the iconic brand.