With nine resorts located on some of the most premier beaches across the globe, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts is dedicated to its local communities, as well as the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage unique to each of its destinations. Combining its conservation efforts with the brand’s luxurious, rare and intimate property offerings, Coyne has ensured that Outrigger’s story has appeared in major feature stories and been the focus on top tier media familiarization trips, further cementing Outrigger Hotels and Resorts as a recognized name in the international travel sphere.

As a premier beachfront resort brand, Outrigger Resorts invites guests to join its global celebration during World Oceans Month in June and participate in numerous eco-experiences as part of its ocean conservation program, OZONE (Outrigger’s ZONE), and its ongoing effort to preserve and protect the ocean’s coral. Coyne PR leverages World Oceans Month every year to call attention to the vital role the sea plays in our everyday lives, showcasing OZONE as a positive way for citizens and travelers around the globe to take an active role in fighting for the sustainable future of our oceans, “the lungs of the Earth.” In fact, while Hawaii currently awaits the signing of its latest bill to enact the first-ever sales ban of reef-damaging sunscreen, Outrigger has championed the cause by offering samples of reef-friendly sunscreen since 2014 as part of its OZONE program. Additionally, Coyne PR spotlights the unique local coral planting initiatives and educational activities at Outrigger’s Fiji Beach Resort and Castaway Island by pitching press trips and offering phone interviews with top-tier target media to promote OZONE and showcase opportunities for guests to participate in reef conservation projects while on vacation.