For the world’s largest supplier of store brand infant formula, Coyne took an insights-driven, multi-layered approach to reaching new moms, developing campaigns on return-to-work moms, advice from second-time moms to first-time moms, and creating the Pulse of Pediatricians, a survey of pediatricians on the most common questions new moms ask about their babies’ health and well-being. An array of experts, content creators, bloggers and other key influencers drove awareness for Perrigo, resulting in parent-focused media including Babycenter,,, HuffPost Parents, Yahoo! Baby, AOL Parenting and print and broadcast media nationwide.

We created digital ads that would reach new moms to convince them to consider using Store Brand Infant Formula as it is nutritionally comparable to nationally advertised brands.
We gave a new direction to the website for Store Brand Infant Formula. The concept is centered around the tagline we wrote: It's Called Formula For A Reason.
We created a sweepstakes called Share your Formula which asked parents of infants to use emojis to show us what their day looks like. Entries were accepted via a custom landing page which we designed, wrote and built.