Trust is critical for a brand; especially when your slogan is ‘a clean you can trust.’ That’s why Seventh Generation challenged Coyne to continue to drive consumer ‘trust’ for the brand as a primary focus. Leveraging the brand’s catalog of products and unique proprietary programs, Coyne helped Seventh Generation gain the trust that is so essential to the company from millions of consumers.

Coyne PR developed the “Let’s Talk…Period” campaign to raise awareness of Seventh Generation’s line of organic feminine care products and educate women on the dangers of ovarian cancer, which is often symptomless in the early stages.
The team then launched the Million Baby Crawl, a grassroots program aimed to educate parents about the toxins in their homes and together, rally for a change on the current toxic chemical laws, which have not been updated since 1976.
To create buzz around the launch of its new online educational tool, Health eHome in partnership with WebMD and Healthy Child Healthy World, Coyne PR created a completely eco-friendly media luncheon in the greenest condominium complex in New York City, Riverhouse. The luncheon featured actress and celebrity mom, Kelly Rutherford to provide personal anecdotes about the importance of using environment-friendly cleaning products in the home.