Each year at the start of the baseball season, Topps, one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of sports trading cards, introduces its new major league card series. Topps challenged Coyne to generate national buzz around the launch of the new Topps Baseball Series 1 cards. The team developed a plan to create the World’s Largest Baseball Card featuring one of the biggest sluggers in the majors and the face of the Topps Baseball Series 1 cards – Detroit Tigers First Baseman, Prince Fielder.

This massive 5,000+ square foot baseball card (or 82,944 cards if you are counting), was built on the Lakeland City Little League complex, located just a few minutes from Detroit Tigers spring training facility. Prince Fielder along with 75 excited little leaguers, took position atop the card, and unveiled this massive card by rolling out a 400-pound tarp, while a helicopter captured the moment from above.