ChapStick Launches New Products with an On-Trend and Informative Livestream Media Event
To announce the news of the latest lineup of ChapStick product launches, Coyne was tasked with pivoting the brand’s originally planned in-person media event to an elevated, engaging and COVID-safe experience. With the help of a production partner, Coyne planned a virtual media event that uniquely highlighted each new ChapStick product through elaborate displays and sets created in a studio space which was livestreamed to media via a custom built landing page – allowing the media to learn about the products in a compelling way all from the comfort of their homes. During the educational event sessions, editors learned about the new products from the ChapStick Brand Director and celebrity makeup artist and brand ambassador Matin, before they were led in a tie-dye workshop to create beach towels with colors inspired by the new products. With an RSVP list of nearly 30 beauty editors and freelancers, the Coyne team proved that if, in fact, virtual events are here to stay, they can be done in a fun, engaging and memorable way!

Paying More Attention to your Pet During Quarantine? You’re Not Alone!
The bond between pets and their owners has become stronger during this coronavirus quarantine, according to a new survey from Banfield Pet Hospital – the largest general veterinary practice in the United States. The survey reveals that 84% of pet owners have become more conscious of their pet’s health and 67% plan to change how they care for their pets once they are not home as often. The increased involvement has led to a surge in animal care check-ins with 43% of people contacting their veterinarians during quarantine, and 73% of owners worried about leaving their dogs or cats at home when it’s time to return to the office. Additionally, 59% of pet owners fear that their pets will suffer from separation anxiety post-pandemic. Experts at Banfield recommend easing a pet into a new routine by avoiding emotional departures or greetings, Garish said. One way is by giving your pet a favorite toy or another distraction before leaving the house. To date, the initiative has garnered 502 stories for 999,765,007 media impressions! These numbers include PRN pickup, as well as pickup from BBC, NY Post and ABC News Online.

Spin Master Celebrates Etch A Sketch Day
Etch A Sketch®, the iconic red-framed drawing toy, has reached a major milestone – 60 years! Etch A Sketch Day, celebrated each year on July 12, marks the day this beloved toy was first sold. Prior to the pandemic, Spin Master tasked Coyne with a national and local broadcast campaign to help celebrate 60 years of the iconic toy by leveraging Etch A Sketch artists to do interviews in-studio, where they would sketch the TV show logo, portraits of the anchors and more, live.

With the news cycle changing faster than you can shake away a drawing on the Etch A Sketch, Coyne had to think quick and pivot the campaign to ensure sensitivity during these unprecedented times. Coyne conducted extensive research into the top 20 markets and was able to determine which ones were covering news aside from COVID-19 and the ongoing protests. Based on this research, Coyne advised Spin Master that outreach could move forward, in certain markets only, with artist interviews being offered via video call, rather than in-studio.

Coyne hit the ground running and secured local segments as well as a national segment on the TODAY show during its PopStart portion with Carson Daly. Coyne worked closely with the producers of the show, along with the Etch A Sketch artist, to ensure the sketches of each anchor (Carson Daly, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie and Dylan Dreyer) were sent to the right locations as some anchors were working remotely. In addition to the broadcast segment, the team was able to secure a full takeover of the TODAY Show’s Instagram account. During the IG Live takeover which started immediately after the PopStart segment, the Etch A Sketch artist interacted with viewers and highlighted the milestone anniversary, all while sketching a portrait of Al Roker! As you can draw up, Spin Master was thrilled with the results and was even happier with the perseverance and dedication the team displayed during these unusual times, to celebrate a truly timeless toy.

TikTok Skinfluencers Drive Growth For CeraVe, and the Media Took Notice
As a brand with a longstanding cult following, it was no surprise when the increasingly popular use of TikTok for skincare content led to “skinfluencers” like @skincarebyhyram organically recommending CeraVe within their content. The viral buzz of the content presented a unique opportunity for CeraVe to highlight how skin experts and word-of-mouth from users have always been at the heart of the brand. The team coordinated a story with CNN Business which featured interviews with the co-founder of CeraVe and the Division President of L’Oréal, which highlighted the accelerated growth of the skincare category as new skincare needs emerged amidst the pandemic. It also highlighted how social media has fueled that growth in recent months, particularly among Gen-Z consumers. The article, which prominently featured CeraVe and spotlighted how the brand’s efficacy and affordability have created a community of brand loyalists, ended up being the top “what’s buzzing” story on the CNN landing page over the weekend. A similar story, featuring a separate interview with a CeraVe executive ran on and requests for interviews on the topic are continuing to be fielded.

FDU Poll Continues To Showcase Mood of Americans
Fairleigh Dickinson University, the largest private university in New Jersey, regularly issues the FDU PublicMind survey to assess Americans’ opinions on various matters affecting health, business, society and politics. The poll, which is regularly commended for its top-notch methodology, has become an increasingly critical tool amidst COVID-19 to assess people’s attitudes on everything from wearing masks to receptiveness to a coronavirus vaccine to support – or lack thereof – of the nation’s leadership. In partnership with FDU, the Coyne team works to develop questions and promote the findings, generating top national coverage, including The New York Times, Newsweek, Politico and many more. The latest FDU poll focused solely on New Jerseyans’ state of mind, revealing that residents are: split down the middle whether schools should open with protective measures or be online only (46% v. 42%); willing to sit out of leisure activities (only 23% are willing to go to a movie theater when opened); and overwhelmingly supportive of the job Governor Murphy has done during the pandemic (67% in support of the Governor). With multiple surveys planned in the upcoming months, the FDU poll will continue to be a barometer of the state of mind of the American public.

Intex Commences Q3 2020 with An Essential Influencer Post
People all over the world are finding new ways to keep their families comfortable and entertained while social distancing. Entering the third-quarter of 2020, Intex has begun to pivot its focus from summer pool items to its line of Dura-Beam® air mattresses. These durable and comfortable air mattresses are a useful and perhaps essential item to have on hand. They not only accommodate the more traditional need of alternate sleeping arrangements, but also more creative needs like having a fun family movie night in the living room. Every quarter the Coyne PR team has helped Intex select paid influencers to participate in a campaign recognizing priority products on social media. For Q3, Coyne secured Instagram influencer Lindsay Hutchins, who captures and shares her fashion style, as well as her life as a mom with her thousands of followers. Lindsay was sent the Intex Dura-Beam® Essential Rest Airbed for a review opportunity. Not only did she highlight her new Intex air mattress for an at-home sleepover and movie night, but she cleverly inflated it live on Instagram. Through the partnership Lindsay posted a review on Instagram and multi-pane story in which she tags the official Intex Instagram account in all of her content. The Coyne team continues to research additional influencers that Intex can work with to provide great content during this pandemic.