Today, Coyne Public Relations announced its selection as agency of record for Champions + Legends, a hemp-derived CBD-based sports supplements company focused on athletic preparation, performance and recovery. With this partnership, Coyne has been tasked to develop a communications strategy to generate awareness for the company’s launch of a full line of custom-formulated, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products designed to help elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and outdoor extremists deal with the physical and mental exertion that comes from training and competing at a high level.

“There is tremendous growth happening in the CBD industry and one of the byproducts of this fast growth is confusion which creates the need for education and intelligent messaging so it was important to find the right partner to help position our brand to showcase our key competitive differentiators and the solutions we provide our customers,” said Sonny Mottahead, CEO of Champions + Legends. “Coyne’s collaborative approach and extensive experience communicating to our core audience was key in our decision to bring them on as our partner.”

Champions + Legends developed its products in directly with leading scientists, formulators and undergo a rigorous six phase testing protocol before they are approved for sale to customers. The lineup includes 3 series of products: Prepare, Perform, Recover. Individual products include tinctures, softgels, oral spray, roll-on gel, muscle rub, muscle cream and transdermal patches, which are all custom formulated to match the athletic journey through pre-workout preparation, mid-workout performance and post-workout recovery.

“We’re very excited to help bring Champions + Legends to market. They have a wide variety of well tested and top-quality products that fit the needs of fitness enthusiasts,” stated Rich Lukis, President at Coyne PR. “CBD is a booming category so we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to grow with a company such as Champions + Legends who make it a priority to deliver a premium product that consumers can trust.”

About Champions + Legends
Champions + Legends produces CBD based sports supplements for athletic preparation, performance and recovery. Champions + Legends uses CBD as the primary active ingredient in our custom formulated products offering a wide array of benefits for users seeking an edge in dealing with the physical and mental exertion that comes from training. Quality, trust and transparency are core to our company’s ethos, and we go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. All our products are tested using a rigorous six phase testing protocol beginning at the point of harvest for our hemp-derived full spectrum CBD to final shipment. We are joined in our mission by a team of elite athletes who have achieved Champion and Legend status in their respective sports and remain warriors committed to excellence in all aspects of their lives.

About Coyne Public Relations
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