As originally posted on PRWeek

Just in time for Easter, Peeps has joined TikTok to bring some “peepsonality” to the platform.

“Peeps is all about how you express yourself and your ‘peepsonality,’” said Peeps brand manager Caitlin Servian. “We have all these colors and shapes and these great mascots, the chick and the bunny, so we felt like TikTok was a great new platform for us to do that and reach our fans.”

Peeps actually reserved the @peepsbrand handle on TikTok last year, but waited until this February to post. The brand has only posted 13 times and has around 5,000 followers, but it is finding success with recipe-based content, using Peeps products.

Peeps’ most popular post, with more than 651,000 views, shows influencer Cake It With Justin making a cake that looks like an Easter basket filled with Peeps marshmallow chicks.

Last year, Servian’s team noted that the brand was organically popping up in TikTok users’ videos, with people discussing giant plush Peeps bunnies, sharing Peeps recipes and singer Nick Jonas showing his nieces what happens when Peeps are placed in a microwave.

Peeps waited until recently to join the video-sharing platform because it wanted to make sure the space was right for the brand.

“We wanted to make sure our audience – moms and parents – were on it,” said Servian. “There is a base of moms on TikTok looking for entertainment and these fun, lighthearted and quirky videos fit perfectly with what the Peeps brand is all about.”

Coyne PR is supporting Peeps’ TikTok page. The agency’s in-house content studio and social media team regularly brainstorm on the latest trends, communicate via slack in real-time and then share ideas with the client.

Peeps is also working with partners such as nail brand Sally Hansen, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Duncan Hines, and creating co-branded content with them.

“TikTok moves fast, and we need to be able to jump on any trend that is out there,” said Armando Triana, SVP of social media for Coyne PR. “Once Peeps gives us the thumbs up, we quickly create content and post it. My team monitors engagement.”

Peeps doesn’t have specific TikTok campaigns planned for Easter. Servian said to just expect more videos featuring factory footage, recipes and TikTok trends.

“We are just focusing on core products that people are looking to put in their Easter baskets on Sunday,” she said.

Peeps is owned by Just Born Quality Confections, which is also the parent of Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.