There is nothing more personal than one’s own health and well-being, and that of one’s loved ones. And there is perhaps nothing more human than caring for others who are in need. Parents, caregivers, volunteers, medical professionals, researchers, advocates – they all share a common purpose: to help people.

We share that purpose.

We – our team at Coyne PR and your team, together – have the ability to affect people’s lives in both simple and significant ways. We have the opportunity to share information, inspiration and insights that can change the course of patients’ individual journeys and, in doing so, change their lives.

Amidst all the research and policy and numbers and debate, market evolution and disruption, there is one constant when it comes to health:

Data tells you what’s happening, but stories tell you why it matters.

And stories are the currency by which we make a difference every day. Disseminating critical information. Creating a new conversation. Sharing compelling narratives. Engaging people to share their experiences with each other. Whether it’s raising the curtain at medical meetings, introducing breakthroughs in patient care, mobilizing grassroots patient advocacy, or activating online influencers, what we do matters.

That’s why we get up in the morning. Because, when it comes to health, everything else comes second.

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