It’s no secret that technology has been evolving at a rapid pace over the past few years. This has had a huge impact on how consumers shop, what they buy, and how they interact with businesses. As we approach 2023, it is important to stay abreast of the latest consumer technology trends. In this blog post, we will look at the top three consumer technology trends that are expected to shape the way people shop and interact with businesses in 2023.

The Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant consumer technology trends for 2023. IoT refers to a network of interconnected devices that share data and can be used to control home appliances, vehicles, and more. IoT has become increasingly popular in recent years as more companies incorporate it into their products or services. A perfect example of this integration includes a standardized platform that allows users to control their home appliances, security, lighting and more from their smartphones while several companies are also investing in developing their own IoT platforms. In 2023, we expect to see even more widespread adoption of IoT-enabled products and services as companies continue to invest in developing new applications for it.

AI-Driven Chatbots
Another key trend that is expected to drive consumer tech in 2023 is AI-driven chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs designed to interact with humans via text or voice input. They use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand user queries and provide relevant responses or actions. AI-driven chatbots have become increasingly popular among businesses for providing customer service, sales assistance, and other tasks that would otherwise require human interaction. In 2023, we expect AI-driven chatbots to become even more sophisticated as companies continue investing in their development and integration into existing systems. 

Voice Search
Finally, voice search is another key trend that will shape consumer tech in 2023. Voice search refers to using voice commands instead of typing keywords into a search engine when looking for information online. Voice search has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and accuracy compared to traditional keyword searches. Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all offer voice search capabilities through their respective digital assistant platforms such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa respectively. In 2023 we expect voice search usage to increase significantly as more companies develop applications for it such as providing product recommendations based on spoken queries rather than typed ones.

In summary, these are just some of the top consumer technology trends that are expected to shape the way people shop and interact with businesses in 2023: The Internet of Things (IoT), AI-driven chatbots, and voice search capabilities provided by various digital assistant platforms. Technology will continue playing an ever-increasing role in our lives over the coming years so being aware of these trends can help communications professionals prepare for what’s ahead!