Planning season means creative briefs are being routed, IAT calls are scheduled, and brainstorming is underway. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, where influencers rack millions of video views, trends shift rapidly, and audience preferences evolve constantly, it’s imperative that social integration is part of your approach. Here are our top recommendations to integrate social media seamlessly into your 2024 communications strategy.

Seize the Moment: Create Unforgettable Moments

Some call it newsjacking, and others call it culture tapping. Either way, it’s an effective way to bring brand relevancy to media, influencers, and consumers. Your social listening process should be clear and defined to identify opportunities – from TikTok trends to influencer mentions – and quickly act on them. Prepare now with key stakeholders to integrate daily social listening and Cision, Google Alerts, and other media monitoring tools. From a clever brand reply to seeding products, quickly reacting to pop culture moments can break through across social media to resonate with target audiences.

Coyne In Action

Phillips Hue


With the help of @philipshue Outdoor Lily Lights, we were able to recreate the Upside Down better then ever!! We have always run 20+ programmable Hue lights around our home and display, and these Outdoor Lily Lights hit the spot! literally. The colors speak for themselves. Thank you so much Phillips Hue! #strangerthings4 #theupsidedown #horrorprops #billyhargrove #floatingmax #daveandaubrey #halloweendiy #DidYouYawn #halloween2022 #infestedoaks #fyp #spookytok


After catching the attention of major media outlets for their “Stranger Things” inspired Halloween décor, Dave and Aubrey Appel share a video taking their display to the next level using gifted Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting products.

Castello Cheese

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A post shared by Lea Dixon | The Platter Girl (@the_platter_girl)

In a cheese plate tutorial, recipe influencer Lea Dixon shows off her new Castello wooden cheese board sent to her as a token of appreciation for being a loyal brand fan.

When developing planned moments and events in 2024, shift from an in-person-only experience to an unforgettable moment that compels guests to capture and share in real-time across their social media feeds. Whether product launch pop-ups or educational expert panel discussions, create fun, shareable opportunities for attendees and expand your presence across social media through digital content.

Coyne In Action

TREE HUT x NYC Pop-Up ExperienceTree Hut X Nyc 3.24.23 Photo By Andrew Werner, Ahw 6939

From working with a top production team to developing interactive activities for media, influencers, and consumers, the Coyne team mapped out every room of the Tree Hut x NYC Pop-Up experience. NYC-based influencers created sneak-peek branded content to drive consumers to the event, which was then amplified through a social advertising campaign. The pop-up featured bold colors, incredible installations, and neon signage to illuminate each room, including life-size body wash bottles, beaded shower heads, a psychedelic kaleidoscope photo moment, and a
ball pit bathtub with a life-size razor.


Cerave Ap 003

Coyne worked with the CeraVe Global team to create a fully integrated campaign centered around a live global event that would attract consumers, influencers, media and KOLs alike, where they would share dermatological expertise. We brought together the world’s most-followed dermatologists and one of TikTok’s biggest influencers for an in-person discussion that was live-streamed to more than 60 countries. Larger-than-life vanities and bottles generated photo opportunities that drove millions of video views and the brand’s highest-ever Google search volume globally.

Master the Influencer Game: Build Lasting Brand Equity
As communicators, we leverage third parties, whether pitching media or collaborating with influencers, to shape influence. Influence drives modern marketing, and brands that harness the power of influencers stand to gain a competitive edge. The massive win for any brand is tapping into organic storytelling from people with a highly engaged audience. Brands can enter limited-time deals with influencers and may see little return. However, a successful influencer strategy goes beyond sporadic or one-off collaborations – it nurtures relationships to build advocacy.

In 2024, develop an always-on approach with like-minded influencers to raise awareness, reach new or targeted audiences, and improve brand advocacy. Use social listening to identify the people who talk and rave about your brand. Review past influencer collaborations or seeding opportunities to evaluate growing the relationship into a larger partnership.

This core group of brand ambassadors can be leveraged to support tentpole moments throughout the year and foster genuine connections that resonate with the influencer’s audience. Leverage UTM links or other link-tracking capabilities to confirm which influencers are driving purchase intent or, even better yet, sales. You’ll also have a library of authentic and credible digital content that can be amplified across channels while building long-term brand equity.

Coyne In Action

Vtech and Leapfrog

The always-on influencer approach for Vtech and Leapfrog provides parents with purposeful, practical, and premium content that transcends simply highlighting product offerings. From micro-level to celebrities such Lance Bass, Coyne has supported raising the brand’s visibility across the digital space to build an army of authentic brand ambassadors.

Elevate Your Strategy: Embracing the Latest Tools for Success
Elon changed Twitter to X. Zuckerberg launched Threads. But the hottest digital communication trend this year? Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As social media and PR professionals, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape. AI is the next tool in our toolbelt to make us better, smarter, and more creative. From AI-powered analytics that provide actionable insights to content scheduling platforms that streamline posting, AI integration into these tools empowers professionals to work smarter, not harder.

Use the latest and greatest tools for insight-driven communication strategies you can implement in 2024. For example, Meltwater Social can provide sentiment towards your brand or your share of voice with competitors. Creator IQ gives you access to millions of influencers and their follower demographics and interests to determine the best influencer partners for your brand. Use ChatGPT to analyze trends from consumer comments on brand social media posts.

Planning season can be busy, but it’s also a time to take a step back, hit the refresh button, and take a different approach in the new year. By seizing timely moments, cultivating meaningful influencer relationships, and embracing cutting-edge tools, brands can position themselves for success in a competitive digital landscape. So, are you ready to elevate your communications strategy and unlock your brand’s full potential in 2024? The time to level up is now.

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