The world as we know it is changing faster than ever. Issues such as human rights, racism, diversity and inclusion are leading to major social and cultural reform. It has never been more important than during these transformative times to have global and historical context, to embrace diverse opinions and to find counsel in cultures from around the globe. This is one of the many reasons our agency has found it critical to turn to our partners in Worldcom who represent such a diverse mix of race, religions, countries, and cultures for their insight and guidance.

With 132 partner agencies operating in more than 115 cities, 49 countries and six continents, the Worldcom Public Relations Group, has afforded us a global perspective on today’s issues at hand. These struggles are no longer confined to local communities – they affect the entire world. Together with our partners in Worldcom we are sharing best practices and offering key learnings so that collectively we may help our clients bring about meaningful change. We are inspired by the way our partners have reached across borders regardless of politics to come together in solidarity for the greater good.

This has always been the essence of Worldcom: the global collaboration and partnership of the world’s leading communications organizations. Now more than ever, we must embrace the different perspectives, varying points-of-view, and diverse opinions that we are afforded by such an insightful and inclusive organization. Together we have the collective client base to enact profound and lasting reform. I sincerely hope that as communicators, we can continue to find effective ways to translate that same fellowship and camaraderie that we have shared to others around the world. #WorldcomStrong