Coyne Public Relations, a leader in healthcare communications, celebrates an award-winning night at the recent PRWeek U.S. Healthcare Awards. Celebrating wins for both V Foundation and CeraVe, and a nomination for Outstanding Agency Practice for the third consecutive year, Coyne PR continues to set the standard for excellence in the healthcare industry.

V Foundation’s impactful campaign, “Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up!”: 30th Anniversary of the V Foundation, was heralded for Best in Media Relations, showcasing the agency’s adept storytelling capabilities and its ability to engage audiences with compelling narratives that resonate deeply and drive meaningful results.

Additionally, CeraVe’s campaign, “Acne Confusion? CeraVe Clears It Up Like a Derm by Schooling Hundreds of Influencers from around the Globe,” won for Best in Social Media and/or Influencer, highlighting Coyne PR’s skill in seamlessly blending educational content with influencer engagement to enhance consumer understanding and brand loyalty.

On top of these client successes, Coyne PR is thrilled to be recognized once again as a finalist for Outstanding Agency Practice, marking the third year in a row that the agency has been honored for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare communications.

Kelly Dencker, executive vice president of Coyne PR’s Healthcare Practice, expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishments, “The V Foundation’s win for Best in Media Relations exemplifies our commitment to crafting impactful stories that not only resonate but also drive meaningful change and a significant call to action. Additionally, our continued recognition as a finalist for Outstanding Agency Practice for the third consecutive year highlights our consistent pursuit of excellence and innovation in the healthcare sector. These accolades reflect the strength of our strategic vision and our team’s hard work.”

Lisa Wolleon, Executive Vice President of Coyne PR’s Consumer Healthcare Practice, celebrated the CeraVe achievement: “We are thrilled that CeraVe’s influencer campaign has been recognized as the best in its category and literally the gold standard for so many healthcare brands that have a desire to reach a younger audience and continue to show up as a lifestyle brand. This award is a testament to our ability to effectively leverage influencer partnerships to enhance brand education and engagement. It reflects our deep understanding of digital strategies that connect and educate consumers, reinforcing CeraVe’s leadership in skincare.”

The PRWeek Healthcare Awards are renowned for recognizing the most innovative and effective healthcare communications campaigns across the industry, and this year’s accolades further underscore Coyne PR’s role as an industry leader dedicated to excellence.

The third annual PRWeek U.S. Healthcare Awards + Conference will showcase and celebrate the best campaigns, projects, agencies, in-house teams and individuals across the fast-growing healthcare and pharmaceutical PR sectors. Healthcare is an essential part of the PR economy, spanning pharmaceuticals, hospital systems, public health, medical devices, care providers, health technology, digital health and health equity. PRWeek’s Healthcare Awards honor the best practice spearheading one of the most dynamic, innovative and important areas of the PR industry and provide inspiration everyone can learn from and aspire to emulate. PRWeek’s Healthcare Conference will cover this specialist area of communication that has taken on an even more crucial role in the ecosystem in a post-COVID world, with many stories told through a healthcare lens.

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