As the saying goes – “timing is everything” – or is it?

Many PR professionals regularly leverage calendar moments and key timing triggers for our work. For me, our team does so often. I personally love looking at designated calendar celebrations to not only think about customizing our client efforts, but for my own interests.

Through COVID, we’ve all had to find ways to get us through the day while balancing both work and kids. For me, I’ve made it a habit to check each ‘calendar’ day, week and month to leverage them as an interesting trigger for both learning and fun. The truth is, some work and some do not. However, when I noticed July was National Ice Cream month, it was like a cloud was lifted. With this, July quickly became my favorite calendar-moment ever, beating out national Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, which has been one of my favorites for years.

Throughout the quarantine, ice cream has been my go-to for everything and everyone – ice cream for extra reading from the kids; mow the lawn and get an extra scoop; clean the litter each day and get a triple scoop on Fridays, etc. Plus, I quickly realized that coconut ice cream from Bellvale Creamery makes a happy wife! (You know the saying…)

Timing triggers and calendar celebrations can help break through the massive clutter for media and influencers.

  • Customization: Take the moment in time and tie to a product or service and answer, “why does this matter now?” Answering this question can make a real, timely connection.
  • Connection: There are hundreds of triggers, some well-known, other much less. Identify one and make a connection for how and why your pitch matters at that specific time.
  • Contact: Consistent communication with key editors is important to building a long-term relationship. But it must be impactful; timely triggers can help make a difference in your relationship building.

Not only did I celebrate National Ice Cream Month with my family, but I thought what better time to celebrate and say thank you to a fantastic team than with ice cream? So, I loaded up the cooler with more than a dozen freezer packs, stopped by Denville Dairy (for those who haven’t had it, it’s tremendous) and hit the road to surprise my team members with ice cream treats  for a socially distanced thank you!

So, when thinking about calendar moments and key timing, always remember that timing might possibly be everything, but it can be much more if ice cream is your favorite!

Each year, our teams put together a comprehensive list of significant events for the agency to reference regularly. Lucky for you, we’ve included our list below!

October 12-15              Milken Institute Global Conference
October 9                     Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy (2012)
October 10                   National Cake Decorating Day
October 12                   Columbus Day
October 16                   National Liqueur Day
October 17                   National Pasta Day
October 25                   National Greasy Food Day
October 26                   National Pumpkin Day
October 28                   National Chocolate Day
All Month                      Cayman Restaurant Month

November 2                  National Deviled Egg Day
November 3                  Election Day
November 5-9               Pirates Week (Cayman Islands)
November 8                  National Cappuccino Day
November 11                Veteran’s Day
November 20                “No Time To Die” (Bond) Release Date
November 25                DrinksGiving
November 26                Thanksgiving
November 27                Black Friday
November 27-29           Denver Pop Culture Con

December 5                  National Repeal Day
December 8                  National Brownie Day
December 13                National Ice Cream Day
December 17                First flight by the Wright Brothers (1903)
December 19                President Clinton is impeached (1998)
December 25                Christmas
December 30                National Bacon Day
December 31                New Year’s Eve

January 1                      New Year’s Day
January 1                      National Bloody Mary Day
January 1                      National Hangover Day
January 2                      National Buffet Day
January 2                      National Science Fiction Day
January 5                      National Whipped Cream Day
January 5                      National Bird Day
January 6                      National Technology Day
January 6                      Nancy Kerrigan is attacked the Figure skating Championship in Detroit (2001)
January 8                      Noah Cyrus turns 21
January 8                      The Devil’s Light movie release
January 11                    College Football Playoff National Championship
January 12                    OJ Simpson murder trial begins (1995)
January 13                    Lance Armstrong admits to doping (2013)
January 13-18               Cayman Cookout
January 15                    Pitbull Turns 40
January 15                    355 movie release
January 15                    Mortal Kombat movie release
January 15                    Petter Rabbit 2: The Runaway movie release
January 17                    50th Anniversary of the Baltimore Colts Winning Super Bowl V
January 17                    Lil Jon turns 50
January 18                    Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 18                    Anniversary of the integration of the PGA Tour (1961)
January 19                    Dolly Parton turns 75
January 22                    Chaos Walking movie release
January 24                    Neil Diamond Turns 80
January 25                    Alicia Keys turns 40
January 25                    National Plan for Vacation Day
January 25                    Anniversary of the first ever Winter Olympic Games (1924)
January 26                    Anniversary of the death of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi (2020)
January 28                    Serena Williams wins Grand Slam while 8 weeks pregnant (2017)
January 29                    Rumble movie release
January 30                    World Leprosy Day
January 31                    Justin Timberlake turns 40
All Month                       National Blood Donor Month
All Month                       National Oatmeal Month
All Month                       National Soup Month

February 1                    National Dark Chocolate Day
February 1                    National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
February 1                    Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction (2004)
February 2                    Groundhog Day
February 2-3                 MakeUp in Los Angeles
February 4                    World Cancer Day
February 5                    National Wear Red Day
February 5                    Cinderella movie release
February 7                    Super Bowl LV
February 9                    National Pizza Day
February 9                    Toothache Day
February 10                  IBM computer beats a human reigning chess champ for the first time (1996)
February 11                  International Day of Women and Girls in Science
February 12                  The Eternals movie release
February 12                  Monster Problems movie release
February 12                  Toy of the Year Awards
February 13-14             Fredericksburg Kids Expo
February 13-16             Toy Fair New York
February 14                  Parkland, Florida shooting
February 14                  Valentine’s Day
February 15                  President’s Day
February 15                  Toy Fair Credit Meeting
February 17                  Ed Sheeran turns 30
February 17                  Michael Jordan’s 58th birthday
February 19                  National Lash Day
February 19                  Nobody movie release
February 20                  National Muffin day
February 20                  National Love Your Pet Day
February 20                  Anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt in crash at Daytona 500 (2001)
February 21                  Sophie Turner turns 25
February 22                  National Margarita Day
February 22                  Anniversary of the Miracle on Ice (1980)
February 24                  National Tortilla Chip Day
February 25                  National Clam Chowder Day
February 26                  Without Remorse
February 27                  National Kahlua Day
February 28                  Rare Disease Day
February 28                  Golden Globe Awards
All Month                      National/American Heart Month

MARCH 2021
March 1                        National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
March 1-3                     ToyFest West
March 2                        National Egg McMuffin Day
March 4                        Anniversary of the first ever ESPY Awards (1993)
March 5                        Multiple Personality Day
March 5                        Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie release
March 5                        Tom and Jerry movie release
March 5                        National Absinthe Day
March 6                        National Frozen Food Day
March 6                        Tyler, the Creator turns 30
March 8                        Anniversary of US Women’s National Soccer equal pay suit (2019)
March 8-11                   TMC Annual Meeting
March 9                        National Barbie Day
March 9                        National Meatball Day
March 9-23                   World Baseball Classic
March 10                      National Pack Your Lunch Day
March 11                      World Kidney Day
March 12                      Raya and the Last Dragon movie release
March 14                      Screen Actors Guild Awards
March 14                      National Potato Chip Day
March 16-17                 March Madness First Four
March 16-20                 International Pizza Expo
March 17                      St. Patrick’s Day
March 19                      Tomb Raider movie release
March 19                      National Let’s Laugh Day
March 19-21                 Toylanta
March 19-21                 Playthrough Gaming Convention
March 21                      World Down Syndrome Day
March 21                      Fragrance Day
March 21                      Arbor Day
March 22                      World Water Day
March 22                      Reese Witherspoon turns 45
March 25-27                 Mid-America Trucking Show
March 26                      The Boss Baby 2 movie release
March 26-28                 Ultra Music Festival
March 26-28                 San Diego Comic-Con
March 27                      Passover
March 28                      Lady Gaga turns 35
March 31                      National Crayon Day
All Month                      National Nutrition Month

APRIL 2021
April 1                          April Fool’s Day
April 2                          World Autism Awareness Day
April 2                          Fast and Furious 9 movie release
April 3                          National DIY Day
April 3                          World Party Day
April 3-5                       March Madness Final Four
April 4                          Easter
April 5                          Easter Monday
April 6                          New Beer’s Eve
April 6                          125th anniversary of the first modern Olympics (Athens, 1896)
April 7                          World Health Day
April 7                          National Beer Day
April 8                          105th anniversary of the PGA
April 9                          Bob’s Burgers movie release
April 9-18                     Coachella
April 11                        National Pets Day
April 13                        Ramadan
April 14                        Tribeca Film Festival
April 15                        Jackie Robinson Day (1947)
April 15                        Anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing (2013)
April 16                        Bios movie release
April 17                        World Hemophilia Day
April 17                        10 Years since Game of Thrones Premiered on HBO
April 18                        56th Annual ACM Awards
April 19                        Katherine Switzer becomes first woman to run the Boston Marathon (1967)
April 19-24                   ISRI Convention & Exposition 2021
April 21                        Administrative Professionals Day
April 22                        Earth Day
April 22-May 2             New Orleans Jazz Fest
April 23                        A Quiet Place II movie release
April 24                        National Business Traveler Day
April 24                        Indie Spirit Awards
April 25                        DNA Day
April 25                        The Oscars
April 26                        National Pretzel Day
April 28                        World Day for Health and Safety at Work Day
April 28                        Jessica Alba turns 40
April 28                        Muhammad Ali refuses the draft and is stripped of boxing title (1967)
April 29                        Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 10 year anniversary
April 30                        Hairstyle Appreciation Day
All Month                     National Car Care Month

MAY 2021
May 2-8                        National Travel and Tourism Week
May 4                           World Asthma Day
May 4-5                        NYSCC Suppliers’ Day
May 4-5                        ACT Expo
May 5                           World Hand Hygiene Day
May 5                           Cinco de Mayo
May 6                           National Nurses Day
May 6                           George Clooney turns 60
May 6                           International No Diet Day
May 7                           Dog movie release
May 7                           National Cosmopolitan Day
May 7                           National Tourism Day
May 8                           World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
May 9                           Mother’s Day
May 9                           National Moscato Day
May 12                         Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day
May 12                         Eid (End of Ramadan)
May 13                         National Fruit Cocktail Day
May 14                         Spirit Riding Free movie release
May 16                         National Mimosa Day
May 17                         146th Anniversary of the first ever Kentucky Derby
May 21                         Godzilla vs. Kong movie release
May 23                         National Turtle Day
May 24                         Bob Dylan Turns 80
May 25                         10 years since Fifty Shades of Grey was released
May 25                         National Wine Day
May 27-30                    International Space Development Conference
May 28                         Cruella movie release
May 28                         National Road Trip Day
May 28                         National Sunscreen Day
May 30                         National Creativity Day
May 31                         Memorial Day
May31                          World No Tobacco Day
May 31                         International Flight Attendant Day
All Month                      National Mental Health Month

JUNE 2021
June 1                          World Reef Awareness Day
June 1                          National Olive Day
June 2                          Lou Gehrig dies of what will later be known as Lou Gehrig’s disease (1941)
June 3                          National Cider Day
June 3                          5th anniversary of the death of Mohammad Ali
June 4                          Micronauts movie release
June 4                          Samaritan movie release
June 4                          The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It movie release
June 4                          National Cognac Day
June 4                          National Cheese Day
June 4                          National Moonshine Day
June 5                          National Trails Day
June 5                          Mark Wahlberg turns 50
June 6                          National Cancer Survivors Day
June 6                          Anniversary of 1941 D-Day
June 7                          Fetty Wap turns 30
June 8                          World Brain Tumor Day
June 8                          World Oceans Day
June 10                        Prince Phillip turns 100
June 10-13                   CMA Fest
June 11-13                   Columbus Arts Festival
June 11-26                   North American International Auto Show
June 11                        Queen’s birthday
June 12                        Boston Pride
June 12                        National Automotive Service Professionals Day
June 13                        Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 35
June 13                        National Rosé Day
June 14                        World Blood Donor Day
June 14                        Donald Trump turns 75
June 14                        Flag Day
June 14                        National Bourbon Day
June 17                        FIFA Club World Cup
June 17                        National Eat Your Vegetables Day
June 17                       OJ Simpson’s infamous Ford Bronco chase (1994)
June 18                        In the Heights movie release
June 18                        Pixar movie release
June 18                        International Sushi Day
June 18-19                   Almost Heaven BBQ Bash
June 19                        National Martini Day
June 20                        Father’s Day
June 21                        National Smoothie Day
June 26                        National Dark n’ Stormy Day
June 26                        Supreme Court case rules same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states (2015)
June 28                        Elon Musk turns 50
June 30                        International Surfing Day
All Month                      National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
All Month                      NYC Pride

JULY 2021
July 1                            Anniversary of Princess Diana’s 60th Birthday
July 1                            Mike Tyson infamously bites off Evander Holyfield’s ear (1997)
July 1-5                         Marin County Fair
July 1-7                         Clean Beaches Week
July 2                            Minions: The Rise of Gru movie release
July 2                            Top Gun: Maverick movie release
July 2                            Constitution Day (Cayman Islands)
July 3-10                       National Cherry Festival
July 4                            Independence Day
July 4                            115th anniversary of the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest
July 6                            National Fried Chicken Day
July 9                            The Forever Purge movie release
July 10                          National Pina Colada Day
July 11                          National Mojito Day
July 13                          Anniversary of the first FIFA World Cup (1930)
July 14                          National Clean Beauty Day
July 14                          LochteGate (2016)
July 15                          The 10th anniversary of the final Harry Potter film being released
July 16                          Space Jam 2: A New Legacy movie release
July 17                          World Emoji Day
July 19                          National Daquiri Day
July 22                          National Hot Dog Day
July 22-25                     San Diego Comic-Con
July 23-Aug. 5              Tokyo Olympics
July 23                          David Dobrik turns 25
July 24                          International Self-Care Day
July 24                          National Tequila Day
July 25                          National Wine and Cheese Day
July 27                          National Scotch Day
July 27                          25th anniversary Atlanta Olympic Park bombing
July 27-29                    Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas
July 30                          Friendship Day
July 30                          Jungle Cruise movie release
July 30                          National Cheeseburger Day
July 31                          Michael Phelps becomes greatest medal winner in Olympic History (2012)
All Month                      National Ice Cream Month

August 1                       Sisters’ Day
August 3                       Jesse Owens wins the 100m gold medal in front of Adolf Hitler (1936)
August 4                       National Makeup Day
August 4                       Meghan Markle turns 40
August 4                       Barack Obama turns 60
August 5                       Burning Man
August 6                       Hotel Transylvania 4 movie release
August 6                       The Suicide Squad movie release
August 7                       International Beer Day
August 11                     National Face Mask Day
August 16                     National Rum Day
August 16                     Usain Bolt breaks 100m record and becomes the fastest man on Earth (2008)
August 23                     National Cheap Flight Day
August 25                     Billy Ray Cyrus turns 60
August 25                     National Whiskey Day
August 27                     The Beatles: Get Back movie release
August 28                     National Red Wine Day

September 1                 Zendaya turns 25
September 4                 Beyoncé turns 40
September 4                 National Wildlife Day
September 5                 Israeli national team taken hostage by terrorist group at Munich Olympics (1972)
September 5-11            National Trucking Week (CA)
September 6                 Labor Day
September 7                 Rosh Hashanah
September 7                 National Beer Lovers Day
September 8                 National Iguana Awareness Day
September 10               World Suicide Prevention Day
September 12               Grandparents Day
September 12-16          TMC Fall Meeting
September 12-18          National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (US)
September 14               National Coloring Day
September 15               Yom Kippur
September 16               Amy Poehler turns 50
September 17               National Country Music Day
September 19-25          The Presidents Cup
September 20               National Punch Day
September 20,              Billie Jean King wins the Battle of the Sexes (1973)
September 21               The Bad Guys movie release
September 21-26          Ryder Cup
September 24               Native American Day
September 26               Serena Williams turns 40
September 28               National Drink Beer Day
September 29               World Heart Day
All Month                       California Wine month


Consider these “holidays” or “calendar triggers” to inspire creative thinking for your clients in any industry. You just might find an opportunity to leverage National Chocolate Day (Oct. 28th) this year.