Known as the master of the ‘pop’ for manufacturing Bubble Wrap, Sealed Air Corporation needed to deliver a higher-level value message to customers to showcase their strong connection to global sustainability. As a result, Coyne created the Sealed Air SMARTLifeTM sustainability platform which featured a full spectrum of marketing communications materials including industry insights from senior executives, brochures, internal videos, surveys and various collateral materials to help roll the program out to internal team members and key customers. Of course, we never like to miss an opportunity to keep the brand in ‘pop’ culture.

To combat the effects of the famous Sports Illustrated cover jinx, Sealed Air Corporation sent Derek Jeter a customized roll of Bubble Wrap branded in pinstripes with his jersey No. 2, accompanied with a letter from the business manager of Sealed Air Corporation conveying the company’s support and hope that the Bubble Wrap will help protect the Captain from succumbing to the jinx.
To create a media moment that would resonate nationally, Coyne leveraged the unique story of where and how Bubble Wrap® was invented to create a spectacular Guinness World Record-setting event to be hosted in Bubble Wrap’s® birthplace – Hawthorne, NJ – with students from Hawthorne High School aiming to set the Guinness World Record for “Most People Popping Bubble Wrap® at One Time.”
Coyne PR created an over-arching program – Sealed Air SMARTLife™. The SMARTLife™ approach was created reflect Sealed Air’s approach to advancing sustainability objectives within its business strategy, across its global organization and advancing their customer’s sustainability objectives.
When Shaquille O’Neal took a tumble during TNT’s Inside the NBA, the Coyne team drafted an official letter to the big man on behalf of Sealed Air explaining how his fans were concerned about his big fall and wanted to make sure he stayed protected throughout the rest of the NBA Playoffs. The following Sunday night, the “Sprint Inside the NBA” halftime show came on TNT and unveiled the big man fully wrapped in Bubble Wrap. With a look of embarrassment that only Shaq could give his co-anchors, Ernie Johnson started the show by calling out the elephant in the room and stated, “The fine folks at Bubble Wrap sent us a lifetime supply of the stuff…”