Coyne PR supports Allergan in building visibility for its retina franchise and associated brands through an integrated strategy that blends data communications with KOL thought leadership, supported by strong presence with media and at professional conferences, to bring clarity to their position as category leader.

Allergan charged Coyne PR with extending its unbranded Eyepowerment Campaign to renew the conversation about chronic dry eye. With eyes set on these two goals, Coyne developed a PR program and partnered with world-renowned body language expert Patti Wood to talk about the importance of eye language and how chronic dry eye symptoms might interfere with the messages our eyes can send.
Dry eye – that itchy, burning and scratchy feeling on the surface of the eyes – affects more than four million people per year, primarily women. Coyne PR was tapped to support the launch of TrueTear™, an FDA-approved device that provides temporary relief from dry eye by stimulating glands and nerves associated with tear production. To overcome a crowded dry eye treatment market, the team avoided the conventional condition-first route and, instead, pursued a technology-first strategy. Focusing on the unique mechanism of action, we created visibility among clinicians whose patients with dry eye need an alternative to conventional drops.
After years of dealing with dry eye symptoms and going through bottles of artificial tears, actress Bellamy Young served as a spokesperson for RESTASIS MULTIDOSE®. After being prescribed RESTASIS MULTIDOSE® to treat her Chronic Dry Eye, Coyne got to work securing interviews with Bellamy at top media outlets. While organic placements for prescription pharmaceuticals can often be tricky, Coyne secured the perfect spokesperson for the brand, which resulted in natural product mentions in top tier placements across celebrity, entertainment, health and lifestyle media. Overall, the partnership with Bellamy garnered 1,040 placements for more than 550.2 million media impressions!