The consumer electronics industry is volatile – emerging players continue to enter the field at a rapid pace, while top incumbents have strong footholds on their corners of the market. From trade media in key verticals, to far-reaching consumer outlets, Casio works with Coyne to communicate its legacy of delivering creative and innovative technologies across its product portfolio that fit the needs of its consumers.

To kick off CES, Casio hosted a press conference during which the company introduced its new president, Kazuhiro Kashio, and latest timepiece innovation, the Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10. Coyne set up a live stream of the press conference via Casio’s YouTube channel so media unable to attend the conference could join in on the announcement.
Coyne PR leveraged Casio timepiece experts, brand ambassadors and Baby-G watch designer Ke$ha to create excitement for the “Tik Tok” singers involvement with the brand. Media members were given special attention and “behind-the-scenes” exclusive at a “timeless” event concluding with a rousing concert by Ke$ha, attended by hundreds of “watchful” media VIPs.
To showcase the technology and innovation behind G-SHOCK’s newest line up amid the official Shock the World 30th Anniversary event featuring EMINEM, Coyne PR created a series of media moments leading up to, during and following the 30th Anniversary event to draw media in and capture their interest.
The education sector is a key area of interest for Casio as many of its divisions offer products for both educators and students to help enhance the classroom setting. Coyne PR is tasked with keeping its brand and products top of mind within this key sector specifically for its projectors, calculators and electronic musical instruments.