To raise consumer awareness for CeraVe® products during the coldest time of the year, the therapeutic skincare authority challenged Coyne PR with generating awareness and media coverage around Winter Skin Relief Day, an annual brand holiday that educates consumers on how to keep skin looking and feeling good during the winter months.

Coyne implemented multiple media tactics leading up to the holiday, starting with a survey to uncover buzzworthy stats about how troublesome consumers find their skin during winter and what they’re doing to help it. The statistics were leveraged in media outreach and top beauty editors were offered door-to-door car service on Winter Skin Relief Day in place of their daily commute to give their skin a rest from the harsh winter conditions. Each car was equipped with a basket of CeraVe products and thematic goodies, prompting social posting about the holiday. To round out the program, a top dermatologist was engaged to conduct a Facebook Live Q&A with the brand, well-known personalities typically exposed to the weather while on the job were seeded product and several influencers were tapped for sponsored blog posts about winter skincare.