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Coyne PR teamed up with KISS to promote their lash and nail products, leveraging influencer partners to co-create original content. We executed campaigns for their new innovation: imPRESS Press-On Falsies as well as their DIY lash extensions, Falscara and KISS Glue On and Press-On Nails. They targeted diverse U.S. and Canadian audiences, including niche groups like moms and gamers, showcasing the products' ease of use. Coyne also expanded reach with social media advertising, successfully surpassing benchmarks. This effective strategy fostered ongoing collaborations with KISS, broadening their engagement across various consumer segments.

Beauty and lifestyle influencers created content for the game-changing imPRESS Press-On Falsies, showcasing the pre-bonded breakthrough technology. They shared the ease and efficiency of applying the lashes as they busted lash myths, highlighting the no mistakes, no mess, easy application. (Video credit: Klaudia @klaudiasyd)

Coyne partnered with beauty enthusiasts to generate brand awareness of Falscara, the #1 Lash Extension Kit that provides consumers with a DIY, under-lash application for a natural lash extension effect. (Video credit: Jazra @jazrabarnes)

We partnered with trendy, fashion-forward influencers in the beauty and lifestyle categories to create content for imPRESS Press-On Manicure, the no-glue needed, no dry-time, safe for natural nails press-on manicure. (Video credit: Graciela @gracielavx)

Coyne worked with influencers to promote KISS Nails breakthrough innovation: Salon X-tend. With this new LED Soft Gel System, you can achieve a gorgeous salon-quality gel extension look at home that will stay flawless for up to 14-days. (Video credit: Yasmine @Yasmine.topacio)