Crafting a brand image from the inside out, our efforts for Siemens Healthcare expanded its visibility from just within the healthcare industry to the consumer marketplace to enhance its reputation and make imaging systems and healthcare IT matter to consumers. From leveraging leadership and third party endorsement to provocative campaigns on predictive medicine and groundbreaking technology, we generated thousands of stories that provided the marketplace with a view of Siemens Healthcare that they could truly internalize.

Coyne PR crafted a consumer-driven campaign that brought relevance for Siemens’ technology to every day conversations that people have about their health. The team developed the “Would You Want to Know?” campaign, featuring a survey querying consumers on their attitudes toward predictive diagnostics. The team executed a series of patient-centered campaigns that included: breaking research on promising new breast cancer detection techniques; launching the world’s smallest ultrasound; collaborating with the Living Heart Foundation at the Super Bowl to showcase Siemens’ advanced technology to detect heart abnormalities in retired football players; and implementing robust regional campaigns that showcased the latest Siemens’ technologies available in select cities.
Siemens Hearing Instruments engaged Coyne PR to establish awareness for its new product line. We distinguished Siemens Hearing through its cutting-edge hearing instruments that, to most people’s surprise, look nothing like the traditional hearing aids that their grandparents wore. We synchronized the technological and aesthetic advancements of their new line with a national spokesperson, NFL Hall-of-Famer Don Shula, and their clinical experts to drive nationwide media coverage, which helped to change the way people viewed hearing aids.
Coyne PR was challenged to create visibility for Siemens by developing a nationwide public relations program to demonstrate lower costs and increased quality of clinical outcomes through the use of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Coyne focused on promoting Siemens’ customer success with HIT to provide third-party credibility and real-world examples. The strategy included a robust thought leadership program for Siemens’ executives to broaden the appeal of HIT through consumer and trade media.