Owens Corning’s Got You Covered
The word ‘home’ means something different to everyone. But today the word ‘home’ carries more weight than ever. Home is now work, school, the gym, and so much more. To leverage this reality and help keep Owens Corning top of mind, Coyne created different themes related to roof maintenance including, ‘More Time at Home Means More Home Repairs.’  The concept tapped into the notion that as people spend more time at home, those pesky maintenance projects around the house can no longer be ignored. Promoting the capabilities of Owens Corning’s Network of Platinum Contractors, including virtual technology allowing for remote roof inspections, consultations and in-home presentations, the team reassured homeowners that Owen’s Corning has them covered remotely. The Coyne team is targeting outreach to 15 of the brand’s key markets securing feature print stories and virtual interviews with local Owens Corning contractors.

International Code Council Showcases the Importance of Building Codes Throughout COVID-19
As we continue to navigate the state of current affairs and COVID-19 dominates the news cycle, many brands have taken a more cautious approach to communications. Understanding the unique position of the International Code Council (ICC) – from its constituents being declared essential by the Department of Homeland Security to the beginning of hurricane season on June 1st – Coyne ramped up its media outreach efforts to promote ICC as a go-to resource during this time. We began a tiered strategy emphasizing local press outreach to ICC’s top five priority regions as well as broader top-tier national outreach. Working hand-in-hand with ICC, Coyne created a steady stream of outreach including a post-pandemic campaign offering considerations for reopening a building that had been closed during the pandemic. And, as the U.S. enters hurricane season hard-pressed to face the multitude of challenges, Coyne worked with ICC to help develop disaster mitigation messaging.

Lundbeck Working to Raise Awareness of a Rare Condition Through Storytelling
A rare condition means “not found in large numbers” and, consequently, can mean lacking in understanding or awareness. Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company that specializes in brain diseases, is looking to change that. Through their ambassadors’ program, Lundbeck is raising awareness of a condition called neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (nOH), a lesser-known condition that can affect those living with neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson’s disease. Through local media outreach and nationally syndicated storytelling, we are sharing the stories of nOH Champions, either their journey to an nOH diagnosis or highlighting the role they played as a care partner. Recently, through local media outreach, we secured a feature article for nOH Champion Danny in his local newspaper. He was later approached by an acquaintance who, after reading the article, shared with him her journey with a family member who had received an nOH diagnosis and spoke with him about his experience as a care partner. Storytelling is all about making those connections and creating content that both resonates and educates.

FOX Academy
With a heavier reliance on virtual announcements as a result of COVID-19, FOX Factory quickly adapted to this emerging medium to unveil their newest multimedia education site designed to teach the language of suspension. The new site, FOX Academy, engages site visitors with educational videos and articles on how suspensions work on vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and mountain bikes. The debut of the website was presented with a webinar for any media. The Coyne team conducted media outreach in the weeks leading up to the event, garnering interest from automotive enthusiast, trade and off-roading publications who all participated. In total, the launch garnered more than 2.5 million impressions including a feature in Autoweek. The launch not only made headlines, but started conversations with other editors and provided the team the opportunity to extend invitations to additional virtual events for FOX in June.

Crook & Marker Solves Major Dilemma with New TasteMask
Keep your face covered, or take a sip of your favorite alcoholic beverage? It’s a decision many Americans are facing as social gatherings pick back up. But thanks to a new state-of-the-art face mask concepted and produced by Crook & Marker, enjoying a cold one while practicing social distancing measures at the beach, pool, or family BBQ this summer has never been easier! TasteMask™ is a new, revolutionary face mask with an integrated straw flap that allows for easy insertion of a drinking straw without removing a face covering. The design combines both fashion and function with four distinct tropical patterns inspired by the organic supergrain alcohol brand’s new Spiked Coconut ready-to-drink line. Just in time for Fourth of July celebrations, a limited number of TasteMasks will be made available to purchase for $14.99 while supplies last. All profits will be donated to the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program to support bartenders and hospitality workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Through a strategic media relations push during the Coming Soon phase, Coyne leveraged the uniqueness of the product to drive brand consideration and encourage reservations for a set of limited run masks before they become generally available. Media from Fox Business, Fox & Friends First, Yahoo News, Yahoo Lifestyle, MSN, TimeOut New York and many more gravitated to the novelty of the TasteMask and were eager to share details with their audiences, securing more than 415 million media impressions before the masks are even available to consumers.