For more than a decade, Medco Health Solutions (and following its acquisition), Express Scripts has turned to Coyne to help reshape the conversation surrounding the company. Over the years, we’ve worked to position the organization as the irrefutable industry leader in information, insight and expertise on prescription drugs. Our efforts fueled groundbreaking research reports, disease-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers, branded digital properties and a national profile for the organization’s CEO – leading to national recognition as being one of the country’s most admired companies.

Coyne PR crafted a multi-year strategy to position the company as the authority on prescription drug trends. We released a cadence of prescription drug reports on subjects including: behavioral medication use; pediatric drug trend; specialty drugs; and adverse events and safety risks. Over more than a decade, we’ve released more than 50 reports, generating widespread coverage by national media, generating hundreds of millions of media impressions and providing new insight into emerging trends in the use of prescription medications. The reports were so valuable to media that they proactively began requesting company commentary, custom reports and validation of emerging issues on which they were reporting.
Coyne was tasked with developing a Medicare Part D enrollment campaign for Express Scripts. As AOR for Express Scripts, Coyne learned that seniors, once enrolled, often don’t look for new Part D plans, even if their health needs change. Coyne implemented a targeted, online consumer engagement campaign emphasizing the need to plan for the road ahead to avoid the unexpected (but in most cases, predictable) health-related detours and hazards that come with aging. Coyne’s digital team gave a complete visual makeover. The digital team’s strategic approach sought to focus on the end-user’s needs and web browsing habits, providing content that’s easy to read and navigate, full of visual cues and supported by basic engagement tools like social share capability and accessible contact information.
Medco Health Solutions was the first in category to engage in the genomics discussion, and Coyne PR built an entire communications platform around its innovation in the space-specifically, pharmacogenomics. We broke national news with numerous new studies revealing the role genes play in drug metabolism, and the safety issues associated with it. We launched the Personalized Medicine Forum and “What’s in Her Genes?” – a series of influencer events that brought together media, researchers and the Personalized Medicine Coalition; and an innovative consumer engagement campaign with the X Prize Foundation, including a program to celebrate centenarians who donated their DNA to science.
Coyne PR helped lead Medco through its spin-off from Merck, assisted in taking the company public on the New York Stock Exchange, and built visibility for its executive committee. We launched a thought leadership publication series including Perspectives, which provided a platform for its executive team to provide their point of view on timely issues, and Clinical Briefs in which the company’s medical experts discussed treatment challenges. The series was distributed to hundreds of customers, media and influencers, generating engagement and opening up new storylines for the press.