Malie is a Hawaiian luxury spa and beauty brand with a robust line of all-natural and organic products embodying the magnificence of Hawaii and its tropical flora. Founded in 2004, Malie now includes over 200 luxurious products for the home and body along with 4 flagship boutiques.

Malie Organics tasked Coyne with developing a plan to raise brand awareness and connect with consumers through Instagram – the brand’s first foray into engaging via social media versus traditional media. The team was challenged to find quality, on-brand influencers to share products with their dedicated audiences in return for product compensation versus payment. First, Coyne developed an approach that complimented our traditional media outreach, editorializing Malie’s collections by crafting timely storylines that focus on specific products. The team then identified a strong group of impactful Instagram influencers who would resonate with Malie’s target audience and tasked them with creating visually compelling content that helped tell the brand’s story in their own unique voice.

This group of Instagrammers went beyond the realm of beauty, including fashion influencers, travel bloggers, surfers, artists and photographers that could speak to the Malie lifestyle. Through strategic outreach, tight brand messaging and a series of targeted campaigns, Coyne was able to generate impactful results quickly, securing 27 posts totaling 3 million+ impressions in just two months. Over a 90 day period, we were able to secure 42 posts totaling just under 4 million impressions. The brand’s Instagram following increased by almost 30%, and they accumulated a treasure trove of assets they were excited repurpose on their own social channels.