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Red Bull Arena

Major League Soccer’s New York Red Bulls looked to Coyne to drum up media coverage and build consumer awareness for the long-awaited opening of their very own soccer specific stadium – Red Bull Arena – in Harrison, NJ. In order to leverage the uniqueness, accessibility and affordability of the state-of-the-art facility, Coyne and the New York Red Bulls communications team worked together to create a media outreach plan that would generate a constant drumbeat of coverage throughout the months leading up to the arena opening.

From the first piece of steel being driven to the first official fan coming through the turnstile, key developments in the arena’s construction—the first and last seats being installed, the last plot of natural-grass turf being laid in, the completion of the translucent roof, a test-run of the arena kitchen—became special media events that drew all the region’s major news outlets out to the site to document and report its progress.