For more than 10 years Coyne was digging up media for Milk-Bone. From making dogs famous to building the world’s largest doghouse to promoting a PBS documentary, our pet & animal team kept the brand barking up the right tree.

Coyne was asked to increase awareness and encourage trial of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews. Through our propriety network of bloggers and online influencers, we identified 100 puppy parents and offered them the opportunity to give their dogs something to chew on (other than shoes, furniture, etc.). Those who agreed received information and samples to feed their four-legged friends and were asked to share their ‘tails’ in a blog post. They were encouraged to link to the Milk-Bone website and social media channels as well as provide their readers with a chance to win a giveaway of product as well.
Milk-Bone turned its marketing efforts toward raising the profile of Canine Assistants, the brand’s long-time charitable partner, which provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities. As part of the “It’s Good to Give” campaign, the Milk-Bone brand returned to television with its first advertisements in more than 10 years. Del Monte branched out into unchartered territory by agreeing to be the exclusive sponsor of a primetime PBS documentary with Neil Patrick Harris, highlighting Canine Assistants and the incredible impact they have on the lives of people with disabilities. At each step of the overall integrated marketing campaign, Coyne was there to drive home the message of “It’s Good to Give” both effectively and efficiently.