Coyne employs a variety of creative tactics to bring the lovable PEEPS brand unprecedented media coverage during Easter promoting new product flavors, partnerships, recipes and even crafts under the umbrella of showing consumers how they could express their PEEPSONALITY. In addition, the agency keeps the brand relevant throughout the year with activations around Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s.

To “PEEP out” Easter and increase coverage from previous spring outreach efforts, the team created a multi-tiered outreach campaign, promoting new product flavors, brand fun facts, exciting partnerships and recipes and crafts incorporating PEEPS and reached out to business media, food media, trade media, bloggers and general interest media on both a national and local level.
With April Fool’s falling on Easter Sunday for the first time since 1956, PEEPS® brand had an opportunity to “energize its Easter strategy, and bring consumers and media a unique and fun April Fool’s campaign. Due to a surplus of pink PEEPS® bunnies, the agency teams were charged with creating a playful storyline that incorporated the brand’s second most popular Easter product. And so, the partnership with Energizer® was born, bringing together two of the most iconic pink bunnies for the ultimate April Fool’s joke! The Energizer Bunny was named as the new PEEPS® Celebrity Creative Director, assuming full creative control over pink bunny production and design. With the creative direction of the Energizer Bunny™, the PEEPS® Brand “rolled out” the new design for its iconic pink PEEPS® bunnies with sunglasses resembling none other than the Energizer Bunny™ himself.
PEEPS® charged Coyne PR with the task of making a connection between two core selling seasons for consumers — Easter and Christmas, all while tying closely to the brands first-ever holiday season advertising. Since the new ads featured Santa hopping like the Easter Bunny while placing PEEPS® into Christmas stockings, Coyne PR brought the ad campaign to life throughout New York City with 20 hopping Santas. The team organized a sweet Santa Hop flash mob, who hopped to the tune of the Bunny Hop, and also participated in a morning show ambush at the “Today Show” and “Good Morning America” and also delighted fans in high traffic locations around the city during the busy holiday time.
To generate excitement and attention around PEEPSFEST™, a festival providing a family-friendly atmosphere to celebrate the New Year in Bethlehem, PA – home of PEEPS®, Coyne highlighted the festivities which include the dropping of a giant 4.5-foot tall, 85-pound illuminated PEEPS® Chick.
To increase awareness for the new PEEPS® MINIS™, Coyne PR created customized portraits of celebrity talk show hosts made entirely out of PEEPS® MINIS™ in time for National TV Talk Show Host Day.