When Preparation H® debuted a new “Get Comfortable” ad campaign which was fittingly set in Kiester, MN, the core goal of the advertising was not only to highlight the physical comfort Preparation H® can provide for those suffering from hemorrhoids, but also to encourage people to “get comfortable” with the topic itself. If the town of Kiester could look past being the butt of jokes and puns, hemorrhoid sufferers could certainly look past the stigma associated with treating their “bum issues.” For the premiere of the campaign, Coyne and the Preparation H® team made Kiester comfortable by hosting a BBQ celebration for all of the town’s 501 residents, which also served as an opportunity for the media to get comfortable talking about Preparation H®. The town not only got a first look at the new spot, but they also kicked back, enjoyed bottomless food and received product samples and branded seat cushions to protect their … assets.

The event was a big hit with more than 200 residents attending. In addition to on-site media interviews, Coyne secured coverage with nearly all of the local media, as well as the Associated Press Minneapolis. Coverage not only promoted the event, but also the core goal of the ad campaign – getting people comfortable when suffering from hemorrhoids. In total, 45 placements across broadcast, online and social media were secured, garnering nearly 22 million impressions.