Tasked with the challenge of establishing a sustainable relationship with online influencers in the diabetes community, while also increasing the company’s visibility around new product launches (e.g., AutoShield Duo and FlowSmart Technology), Coyne organized BD’s first two online influencer events.

Events were engaging opportunities for BD to invite the passionate community inside to learn more about BD, its history and commitment to diabetes (T1D, T2D) and to introduce new product innovations. Attendees were incredibly engaged and continuously expressed their appreciation for BD’s contributions and ongoing commitment to the community.

Coyne PR launched the “Dynamic Duos” campaign to promote its innovative BD AutoShield Duo product, a device that can help make insulin injections easier, safer and more convenient than ever before for people with diabetes. The campaign enlisted Tami Ross, a nationally-renowned diabetes educator, author and past president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, and focused heavily on engaging the diabetes community to encourage people with diabetes – and their caregivers – to team up with a diabetes educator, such as a nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or other clinician to achieve their treatment goals.
Coyne PR launched BD’s first online influencer strategy to establish the foundation for a sustainable relationship with key members of the diabetes community. We organized two events, held at BD’s headquarters in New Jersey and California, that brought highly influential online thought leaders together with BD’s clinicians, researchers and leadership to discuss BD’s commitment to the Type 1 and Type 2 communities, and to demonstrate its forthcoming new products – the AutoShield Duo and the Medtronic Minimed Pro-Set Infusion Set with BD Flowsmart Technology.