Founded in 1989, Murad is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to encouraging people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Backed by 19 unique patents and a 30-year legacy of research and clinical testing, Murad’s Connected Beauty philosophy is founded on the belief that healthy, beautiful skin is a reflection of how you live your life.

The brand’s whole-person approach to beauty, health and well-being inspires the consumer to take care of their skin not only with efficacious products, but also proper nutrition, physical activity and stress management. Coyne has been tasked with providing public relations strategy for the growing brand and its robust range of products, while broadening the reach of Murad’s unique Connected Beauty message.

Murad Connected Beauty Summit, NYC Pictured: Dr. Howard Murad, Arianna Huffington, Mallika Chopra, Unilever Global VP for Personal Care Research Jason Harcup, and Murad CMO Daniel Bruzzone.