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The Valerie Fund

The Valerie Fund provides comprehensive health care and support for over 5,000 children and families each year living with cancers and blood disorders. The Fund, like most non-profits, relies heavily on the generosity of donors for its financial stability, with its key fundraising event being the annual Thanksgiving Ball Gala.  With a need to maintain its funding, despite a down economy, the Valerie Fund asked Coyne PR to produce an emotionally compelling video for their ball that would touch the hearts – and the wallets – of the attendees.

Coyne PR conceived the video production around a “thankful” theme, seen through the eyes of the Valerie Fund’s young patients.  The premise was to document that, despite the fact that these kids – some as young as three years old – are going through painful and debilitating treatments, they are thankful for so much in their lives, including the Valerie Fund.