Founded in 2004, Hip Hop Caucus is a national, non-profit organization that connects millennials, people of color, and disenfranchised communities to the civic process to build collective power and create positive change. To enhance its visibility, Hip Hop Caucus entrusted Coyne with its bi-partisan 2016 Respect My Vote! and People’s Climate Music campaigns. In turn, Coyne positioned the organization as a leader in educating and mobilizing Americans on voting and climate justice, during this Presidential election year.

To build awareness and sustain each campaign’s momentum, Coyne and Hip Hop Caucus secured partnerships with celebrities and national media outlets as well as coordinated town hall discussions to spread the word about voter resources and action on climate change.
Coyne supported an influencer campaign that included 186 influencers from around the country to get involved in Respect My Vote! at no cost.